Independent Unbiased Advice

The AV Consultancy, London  provides a range of services to Architects and Construction Firms on how to gain the most from the wide range of Audio Visual technology that is available today. The main objective of our business is to offer you, our clients,  a place where they can receive independent advice from people with extensive backgrounds across a  range of differing construction projects where AV played a key role. We understand the need to offer your clients solutions that fulfil expectations.  

Independent and unbiased

We operate a completely independent practice with no affinity to any product or manufacturer. This means we are ideally positioned to offer the kind of advice that allows you fully understand the options available and make your decisions on an informed and unbiased basis. However, we do remain entirely focused on new product developments. Our aim is to make sure we offer you suggestions for products that are up and coming not yesterdays leftovers.

Free Introductory Meeting

We know your time is precious and the competition is fierce. At AV-Consultancy, London, we are confident we will be able to bring a few suggestions to an introductory meeting that will  convince you that you are in safe hands.

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