Control Solutions

When we started in this business, there were only two or three control systems available and they were fraught with issues. Although the owners still were mostly proud to own the latest technology, they often worked intermittently and help desks were always busy. Now, the market is a rapidly expanding expanse of systems, each offering the buyer everything they ever needed or wanted.

The smart solutions is finding a way through the huge choice available and deceiving which of the many is right for your project.

Prices vary too. The market leading products try to offer solutions based on technology they have developed over many years, but often we find the systems have so much padding including many unnecessary features, they become impossible to use and understand.

When choosing a control system to recommend to our clients, there are many questions we will ask you. We want to know exactly what you are looking from your control systems, what you plan to connect to it, how you will use it, and what is the perceived user ability of the end user.

It's absolutely pointless selling your client something they will never use but equally dissatisfying for a buyer to find the system can't do what they want it do for them.

Control systems should always be upgradeable, if the design structure is right, so it should always be possible to upgrade the system if the end user requires.