Pure Sound

From Background Music to Sound systems that simply blow your mind

Some say the business of Project Based AV started with built in music systems ranging from home HiFi to large area commercial background music systems.

As time has progressed, Sound systems have become completely immersed in everyday life. We now regularly turn on a streaming music service instead of tuning into a radio station even thou radio does still play a large part in our lives, the difference is how we receive the signals. Internet streaming brings a much wider range of services from around the world. We sit at home in London and can pick up broadcasts from any country or region we choose.

Sound quality also plays a huge part in the equipment we select for our projects. Whilst conventional built in sound systems with in-ceiling speakers will have a place in our repertoire, modern devices like Sonos challenge our senses with superb quality audio from tiny enclosures, changing our perceptions completely . In some instances we no longer need to go to all the trouble of building in speakers when a simple table top device will over a comparable experience